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Where are the updates?

I've used the Jobserve website for a number of years and when the app version came out for the iPad I jumped at the chance to use it as well. There have been great changes to help the "user" of this app in a way that makes it easier to quickly view potential project roles and then apply with your CV in just a few clicks. But there have been ZERO updates since 2013. The response I received from Customer Support was "we don't think the app needs updating". Sorry JobServe, but Apple has made multiple updates to their software each year to enhance user features and functionality as well many others which we the "users" get to take advantage of when a supplier, like JobServe, actually implements them. So please, do the right thing, update your app when updates are made to the base iOS software as it will make our overall user experience much better.

Great App

Diamond in the rough. I love this app. Easy to use, yet feature rich enough to make my job search accurate. I especially like the location function and alerts to jobs as they become available.

Baby steps I guess...

This app is like an incomplete project that was turned in to a teacher. It's great that you can sign in and access your saved searches, but then what? Bombard my email account with job listings? That's the only option you're given. What about options like saving jobs and searches, sending jobs to a friend, viewing my résumé (at least), or applying for positions directly from the app? This app has potential if it'll ever be completed.

Not very many jobs

Only 4 jobs listed in my town of....250,000 people? Maybe this isn't the case for everybody but the database doesn't seem to be that large. (to the below comment)And since when is a town of 250,000 a remote location?

like it so far

I feel sorry for the previous comment.. You probably live in a remote location.. displayed bunch of jobs.. have't tried contacting them though..

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